Shift Performance Hockey Stick on IceShift Performance Hockey Stick on Ice

Really Good Equipment.
Direct to You.

Shift hockey is changing the game

Why direct to consumer?

We love the game. And we love the gear. But the game has evolved much faster and more elegantly than the gear that supports it. Hockey equipment is still produced and sold the same way it was when Gretzky was in the league. The industry is due for a seismic shift

The retail model is broken and it’s time to catch up like other consumer categories have. There’s a reason Tesla doesn’t have dealers and Warby Parker doesn’t sell through LensCrafters. We want to fix our game and bring affordable high quality gear to you. 

We have the best manufacturers in the world making our gear just like the traditional big brands. With Shift, you pay for the premium equipment you purchased, not sponsorship deals, corporate salaries, debt service, or gimmicks marketed as innovation. 

Join the movement to take back the game we love.