We’re hockey guys (well past our prime) trying to make equipment more affordable.

We still play two or three times a week and are familiar with the internal dialogue about retirement every time we break a stick. The cost of gear has gotten out of control, and we decided to do something about it.

Copy of shift_final2 1.png
The game has evolved much faster and more elegantly than the gear that supports it

Equipment is still produced and sold the same way it was when Gretzky was in the league. It turns out, the top end sticks you’re now used to paying over $350 for at a retailer aren’t all that special.  They’re made with a carbon-fiber weave, same as ours.

The retail model is broken and it’s time to catch up

There’s a reason Tesla doesn’t have dealers and Warby Parker doesn’t sell through LensCrafters. We want to fix our game and bring affordable, high-quality gear directly to you. With Shift, you pay for the premium equipment you purchased, not sponsorship deals, corporate salaries, debt service, or gimmicks marketed as innovation.

We made these for the love of the game. 

We made these for us and for you.  

We are Shift Hockey. Let’s go.

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